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About Us

The Pregnant @ Work website and toolkit is a program of the Center for WorkLife Law at the University of California College of the Law, San Francisco.

Pregnant @ Work serves as a key driver of the Center’s mission to advance racial, gender, and reproductive justice by building legal rights for pregnant people and family caregivers so they can achieve and maintain economic security through fair employment and educational opportunities. Lean more about the Center for WorkLife Law and our team here.

Press Inquiries? Please contact us at 415-565-4640 or [email protected].

Attorneys representing employees in pregnancy accommodation or family responsibilities discrimination matters may seek guidance from our team by emailling [email protected] or calling 415-703-8276.

Additional Support for employers: Workforce 21C provides advice and consulting services to employers and their advisers on issues related to pregnancy accommodation, gender bias in the workplace, and family responsibilities discrimination.

National Employee Hotline

Have questions about workplace issues related to your pregnancy, breastfeeding or caregiving responsibilities? The Center for WorkLife Law’s free legal hotline provides information to employees about their legal rights.

This website was first created as a project of the Pregnancy Accommodation Working Group, an initiative of the Center for WorkLife Law. The members of the Pregnancy Accommodation Working Group included employment lawyers, professors and scholars, healthcare professionals, social workers, unions, non-profit organizations, and government officials. The Pregnancy Accommodation Working Group and this online resources center were funded by generous contributions from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and the Novo Foundation, as well as by financial support from the University of California College of the Law San Francisco.

You have new rights as a pregnant, postpartum, or lactating worker! Learn more about the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act today.